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Flower of Tranquility by urabaka
The ways I felt as a child, and the struggles I went through at such a young age through my adoption. Please enjoy, and leave commentary~
Ethareal Melody by ITSaCRISIS
A short story with a poem/song. If anything it's pretty much a written music video.
Time to move on by Findingyou
cant stay any longer :(
why? by jeff
why do people do what they do?
Middle School Tragedy by sorrowfulsoul
This is about a fellow 8th grader that died last weekend. None of the students know why she died, but she was loved dearly.
I Never Meant To Hurt You... by Tequilla
To my boyfriend...it's about a long time ago but it came into my mind and I just started writing things down and I think it turn out pretty good....it's kinda long...read if you want...and comment plzz!! =) thnx
Raindrop Tears by OverTheRainbow
I wrote this one night before bed.......I don't know how but it just came to me and I was like, OMG! I have to write this down...So tell me how you think♥
Lonesome by PrayForMe
Sometimes you just get lonely...
The Rose by Angelsvoice
hard to explain, life is hard.
Clearer by smashmypumkinsx
theres an ugly girl in the mirror....