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Lonesome by PrayForMe
Sometimes you just get lonely...
The Rose by Angelsvoice
hard to explain, life is hard.
Clearer by smashmypumkinsx
theres an ugly girl in the mirror....
The Puppets Perception by LucidMuse
I'll let this speak for itself.
Permanent Sadness by danielle
I just noticed how sadness isn't a thing that passes by, it's always there
Endlessly by kiraralee77
idk. how i feel? maybe. its got a weird shape to it.. -shrugs- read if you want, comment are always appreciated
Weighing Anchor by Atavist
In the past I have felt this at the end of relationships, when they have left to pursue something greater than you.
Time by YouExistInMe
I wish there is some button to rewind time where I could see you once more and tell you a last goodbye.
Dead Days: Day 0 by darksideofme
A possible series of poems I'm going to work on...... Possible..... I'll see what people think of it first.
Funny Things by AngelicDarkness
My first poem in a while. It feels like yet another change in technique. Highly personal words... It may seem rambly, but there is reason in every line.