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Barren Field of Innocence by PoeticPrincess
Life can become a burden after the innocence of childhood is stolen from you...
Black painted nails by Maks
continually disappointed
Time by YouExistInMe
I wish there is some button to rewind time where I could see you once more and tell you a last goodbye.
Dead Days: Day 0 by darksideofme
A possible series of poems I'm going to work on...... Possible..... I'll see what people think of it first.
why do you hate me by hardlifealone27
this is for my dad
To Be Roman by Bourne
i don't know why but it seems every generation until about the 70's or 80's have loved nature. now there's a lot of disparity.
Am I The Only One?? by lookinfortherightgal
how i feel most of the time
If She Could Love Me by eochaid
A sad poem of a love entangled in loyalty to a dear friend...
becoming nothing by tearsofrain
title and poem so dont match haha
we all bleed by lost_girl15
we all bleed please comment