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Pen Cushion

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Twisted Angel
Unknown Dream Catcher
Yet Again, Here I Am
Time Ticking, Life Fading
Blackest Meadow of Greed

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"kill me please" (CutMeOpenWide)

Who I'd Like to Meet:

someone deep, who look at things the same way as me, someone who can comfort me when i cry tears and catch the little drops of blood that bleed from my heart, someone fun and happy that is amusing and makes me feel part of the world, ready for anythi...more

About Me:

life is good short and im glad we all get to die, its not something to fear instead look forward to it knowing you can finally be at rest. im from new zealand and i have many friends who think my poems are completly crazy but i dont mind as long as o...more


writing, playing piano clarinet flute and guitar, listen to music and drawing. =)

Favorite Quote:

death begins with life's first breath and life begins at the touch of death