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Pen Cushion

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Back To My Old Ways
Chaotic Beats; The Music Consumes Me <3
Dark Princess
I Want You, To Mean Those Words As I Do
These Walls Will Not Break

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"AngelicDemon" (DemonicAngel)

Who I'd Like to Meet:

That god damned gnome who's always following me....

About Me:

I find it funny that my most popular poem is about a cat...

Well. Im back! After a good six month absence I'm back to my old ways. Some good and some bad. But even the restoration of my bad habits seem to have re-inspired me to write again...more


The supernatural and the unknown, the spiritual and religious, the truths and lies in history, and what lies in ones own heart probably the most complicated of all

Favorite Quote:

"If I'm fake you must be imaginary"