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The I-Mag-I-Nation
I WORK AT A LIBRARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pen Cushion

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Safe Place
Black reapers with the sound of steel on stones

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"((Lone Wolf))" (KAS)

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Dream would be to Play with the Phoenix Suns along side Steve Nash, Vince Carter, Robin Lopez, Channing Frye, Douglas, Gortot, Dragi'c, Pietrius and just meet everyone because basketball is something I have a passion for. I would also like to wrestle...more

About Me:

I'm an enigma! I'm a poet! I'm an artist! I'm a whisper in the wind! A lone wolf!


I think my writing style is so weird. You can find every subject in the poems i have and write but I think more abstract and poems about werewolves are what I do best. I love to read and write. Most ppl are pretty supportive of what i do and others well t

Favorite Quote:

I'm not saying your beneath me but when I look up there is no one above me!