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15 years old
nowhere to go
um a student lol i guess

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"caged in" (McRluvr)

Who I'd Like to Meet:

a lot of ppl but most of all would the whole My chemical Romance band ........ ya um ...... all i can say for advice to everyone is ... life sucks..... have fun with that......

About Me:

Im 14 love mostly any alternative rock, rock, or emo music
i grew up with country music but i dont like it and right now im trying to find myself
um im pretty tall at about 5ft11 and have long brown hair i usually just wear jeans and a t-s...more


writing, singing, listening, partying and hanging w/ friends, bball, reading, and idk a lot of shit i dont want to talk about right now

Favorite Quote:

"Dying for you my forgotten true love; stake through my heart, silver bullet to the chest, kryptonite while in flight. I'm taking my last breath."