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p-town u kno **StRipPers aNd HoEs**

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I Think...
This LLove will END because of you
WAnna be wiTh you AGain
ThiS sHit IS GEtting To ME LIttLe BY liTTle!

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"MIsSInDePendAnT" (Ruth123)

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I would like to met the guy that will show me they are not all the same.
<3my true love again?<3

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Hey my name is ruth im in love with a guy who doesnt deserve me im confused he is my 1 and only true luv im so obssesed with him it drives meh crasy every 1 tells me im to pritty 4 him inside an out i dont listen to them but sometimes i wish i did!...more


kiking it wit thee friends,havin fun in anie way,play sports,met new ppl,go 2 skewl

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loVE blINdS!