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Michael Meyers

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"Miss ShelbyBoo" (ShelbyBoo)

Who I'd Like to Meet:

Miss Wondeful Laura :)
The best rockers of all time..Linkon Park, Boys Like Girls, Taylor Swift, My Chemical Romance, Simple PLan [ i know they are broken up ], and many many others :)
and any awesome people who are themselves!

About Me:

Hay its Miss ShelbyBoo wasting my beautiful time to do this dumb about me [[haha]]
Im not really that interesting, Im just a regular teen girl who struggles with love, friends, work, and school...WOW amazing I know! haha
If anyone ever need...more


umm talking, hanging out with friends, and having fun :)

Favorite Quote:

Im not scared of happy endings...Im just afraid my life wont work that way....