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"awakening" (asdfyz)

Who I'd Like to Meet:

New People, Hannah lynn. (seems like a pretty sick gal) Craig Mabbit, Johnny Depp, Shane Told, and Shawn Milke
my favorite bands:
Taylor Swift, Shinedown, Apocolyptica, Silverstein, I Am Ghost, Escape the Fate, SKSK, Aiden, A Skylit Driv...more

About Me:

I have transformed significantly over the years, since i started posting here and so on. My history begins with me as a very angry child with a dark past and not much to say, but a lot of poems to post. Then I met a couple people who changed my lif...more


Don't believe i could sum it up in here. There is so much i am passionate about. Most importantly:: giving purpose to every day, no matter what that takes.

Favorite Quote:

::Life is just a series of transitions, and how you deal with them dictates how successful you are in life::