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20 years old
I come from an unknown land and some where to be alone
I just want to express myself

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This I believe
The Soft Nite

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"frankiie" (bow16)

Who I'd Like to Meet:

I would like to meet anybody to talk to as a friend...

About Me:

I like to have fun and I like to go out with my home gurls to the movies. I like to dance and write poems. I like enjoy having a good time...Well at least that's what all my friends tell me...I am also BI...In other words I like girls and guys...I'm ...more


Writing, looking for boys and girls, having fun wit my friends, Go out to party...

Favorite Quote:

When you love someone so much...You'll do anything to make the happy even if it brakes your heart or makes you unhappy...As long as you see a smile on there face it's fine...