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Make a Change
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"xXforeverXx" (coldfire146)

Who I'd Like to Meet:

i would like to meet will smith because i think that he is a talanted actor. i would also like to meet ppl who are nice and like to make friends that can last a life time.

About Me:

Im a really nice person and i love getting to know people. over thinking is one of my traits, but now that ive grown up a little more, Ive learned that there is a whole other level of thinking that ive never seen before. Im a little lost right now, b...more


well my interests vary by my mood that day. i like to draw, write, sing in the shower lol, but most of all i like being my self and being able to help others understand that all will be okay in the end... i promise.

Favorite Quote:

love doesnt hurt, it is the people you love that hurt you the most... life is not a book, you cant read ahead to know whats going to happen before you get there. some memories are just best forgotten.