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i'm hiding, come and find me!

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Pen Cushion

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Human sucker
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Jelly filled donuts
My Addiction
Pretty fire

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"So AlonE" (cryingblackblood)

Who I'd Like to Meet:

my long lost brother...

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to help him gain world domination.


About Me:

i am a generally happy person, sometimes i can be epressed or really angry or shy. yes i am emo and yes i am bisexual. i write ameteur poetry so it isn't pro but it passes the time. Right now i'm single, i just got out of a relationship


poetry,BOYS!GIRLS! music, my bud buddies, HAVING FUN and stalking you 0.0

Favorite Quote:

'if i'm fake, you must be imaginary' 'breaking the law isn't a crime...as long as you have money its just business'