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To Write Love On Her Arms
thank you
the hardest thing

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"broken wings" (fallenangelx14)

Who I'd Like to Meet:

anyone who'll stay in my life and not leave. Everyone says they wont but they always do.I want to meet one person who'll love and respect me for me. Someone who'll stand by my side when I need them, and who'll be there even when I don't want them the...more

About Me:

the names Bailey
I'm a very outgoing spontanious person who's full of energy and ideas..i never cry. theres no point. writing is my passion as well as cheerleading and softball. I'm in high school.I like seeing the beauty in everyone even if th...more


softball,Cheerleading, gymnastics, guitar hero, dancing, invader Zim, muisca,swimming, reading,chilling with friends

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A kiss is a lovely trick, designed by nature to stop speech when words become unecessary