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is not as important as where I'm going
passionist...Idk if that's a real thing I'm just really passionate

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"I LOVE YOU" (friendZdogZ)

Who I'd Like to Meet:

The good people I know this world has. The talented people that aren't yet recognized. The pure of heart. The hopeless romantics. The klutz. the gamers. The sports fans who couldn't play a sport to save their life. The dog lovers. The activists. Lol ...more

About Me:

Seems like I always abandon this site..and my poetry...smh yeah that's me tryna run from my feelings...never really works out..anyway well I'm back. Guess I'll take it one day at a time...writing takes a lot out of me...literally. It's always persona...more


the Lord God Almighty, He's pretty epic, hard not to be interested!

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A rhythm, a melody , a voice , one note, one octave , one word can take you to places were dreams don�t go� - raya (poq)