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20 years old
Heaven, Hell, and Everywhere in between
college student and i help with my friends (and even just random ppl i talk 2) deal with problems.

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"Dark One's Soul" (gothic666angel6)

Who I'd Like to Meet:

MARILYN MANSON!!!, Amy Lee from Evanescence, Eminem, all of my awsome friends that i've met on here and a few other sites (ily all) and probubly more for various reasons but i cant think of them...

About Me:

ummm im Lily, but i hate this name so call me Leiko... i love writing and reading poetry, unfortunately im not that good so i dont post often. ummm all i can think of ask if you wanna know.


music, poetry, hangin with friends, flirting, and DDR!!!

Favorite Quote:

"It says right here you gotta be saved in order to go to heaven. The way I see it, you only gotta be yourself to go to hell! We will no longer be opressed by the facism of Christianity! We will no longer be opressed by the police-state mentality! None of