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What You Do To Me
Cold Memories
My Brightest Star I See Tonight
No Longer in Reign

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"soulsearcher" (loveseekerhatefinder)

Who I'd Like to Meet:

anyone whos fun and exciting. and who has an excellent imagination. but id like to exclude right now any cocky, bitchy, snobby/snotty people because youll just get me pissed off. whether than that...youre pretty cool.:)

About Me:

my name is ashley, im 15 and i love to write and read poetry. I am a really silly person, but i can be serious of course when needed. Im a really fun person, great for advice giving(so im told), and I love to go out. Umm...if you wanna ever know more...more


reading, writing, doing mind boggling puzzles

Favorite Quote:

Live life to the fullest