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18 years old
Ada. WV
Tie-wearing Stalker.

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Just a little crazy
Unreasonable fetish.
If I killed you tonight.
Me..a stalker? Insane..

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"Necrofiliac" (xxYokaiMaruxx)

Who I'd Like to Meet:

Any one and Everyone. I don't judge. And people, don't be affraid to talk to me.. It's not Like I'm an actually stalker that will come to your house, kill you and then sleep with your dead body. HAH!

About Me:

I'm Male. I like the color black. examples::fingernail polish. Eyeliner. Leather pants.
Uhm, I'm a straight-bisexual. Meaning to Like to look, but never touch a guy. Too risky.
My name is...well, just Call me Magick for now.
I like to...more


Noveling and Exagerating my Insanity.

Favorite Quote:

"If you loved me so much, Why'd you let me kill you?"