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These are poems about depression and other sad happenings throughout our daily lives. This is a list of the most recent poems written by members.

It’s so beautiful outside by aqua4ever
Life is hard, it’s not easy.
My Part Of The Sea by ITSaCRISIS
This is a big world, but too many times am I reminded that all I really have is myself.
Ethareal Melody by ITSaCRISIS
A short story with a poem/song. If anything it's pretty much a written music video.
Amber Flames by Atysix
Been away for a while. But I guess poetry is a part of me in my darkest times.
Stephanie Etter by TiffanyLoganAlexander
a girl in my freshmen class, made me realize how frail life is
My Brother by TiffanyLoganAlexander
my brother was murdered when i was 15
There was a time of Happiness by Psychobabbled
That happiness I will ever get back
A Dream I Have of Her by Psychobabbled
Only a dream
Let us not Forget by Psychobabbled
Merry Christmas
Feathers by Nikisweet
I've recently decided to try writing poetry again. This is pretty much how I've been feeling for a while.
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