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An Ocean Between by PoeticPrincess
A dear friend of mine is suffering from drug addiction and I needed to let out some feeling about it
Don't belong by azaLea
Have yet to perfect it
World War III never ended by Glassless
Justice died a long time ago, The Last Listener
Kid who Never Had a family or friends to love him for who he was by LoveMaster
this was written by me for a kid that comitted suicide because he never felt like he belong. this is how his life was. :(
My Life Has Brought Me Down by LoveMaster
depression leads to sorrow and suicide
The Giant by Heartless1903
The Little girls only friend, was that of a kind Giant.
A Dream Long Forgotten by darksideofme
A song I'm writting for my new musical project
Addicted by azaLea
The feeling of clinging to someone
Serial Killer by taybabe1300
It's not about the glorification of them, it's how to prevent it.
Six by taybabe1300
Trigger Warning! This is something I've needed to get off my chest.