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Empty Eyes

There is no taste anymore
No salty tears, no sweet breath
There is nothing

There is no sound to be heard
No laughter, no screams, no rustling leaves
There is nothing

There is nothing to see but grey skies
No sparkling lights, no green fields, no red blood
There is nothing at all

There is no more emotion in me
I have nothing left to feel
No happiness, no anger, no hate, no pain
Nothing remotely real

I hate this heartless home and
I hate my homesick heart
My chest is torn wide open
Trying not to fall apart

No longer do I get butterflies thinking of you
No longer do I want to cry
I am no longer a girl, but a ghost
I am dead, but have not yet died

Nothing around me seems alive
In this land of the living
Just hollow flesh housing hollow bones
Always taking, never giving

Embrace my empty ribcage,
And kiss my weary eyes
My body, it is loveless
Love me for my mind.

by XxSuicidalPrincess13xX
posted on 11/04/2011

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Comment by hollyann25: Nov 4, 2011 10:48 pm
I don't know if i have felt exactly the way you have but it is certainly close enough. I know this is not a good feelings, and you have probably heard this before that eventually things get better, so im not going to tell you that because im not even so sure things have gotten better for me yet. All i can say is time...it takes time and lots of it. You will find your self still feeling this way every now and then even if things do get better because this feeling never goes away. Not to bumm you out or anythings. Phenomenal poetry. Sorry for the very long comment, i just wanted to give my advice on it.
Comment by maxiiwaxii: Nov 4, 2011 1:37 am
Wow I think I've felt like this before but I hope I never feel like this again cause the girl I've been waiting all my life for is finally in my life so yea good luck with this.. Overall great poem

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