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It’s so beautiful outside

It's so beautiful out here,
I just wish I could see it,
If I was not okay,
Am I supposed to just not believe it?

When people ask, "how are you"?,
Do they really want to know?
Or am I really suppose to say?
If the answer is anything less than "okay".

Social standards, we always feel well,
If not then it's something we'll never tell,
But who do I talk to when I'm losing my mind,
When I just reply to everyone that I'm fine?

I guess I'll just get through everything on my own,
It's just hard when you never have any time alone.
I have two little people always looking up at me,
I'm the example they always see.
I'm suppose to be better then this, for them,
But I really don't know how, when I've never been.

It sets me off just walking by,
It was suppose to be a nice day outside,
Painful stares, Emotions fly,
I really wish I could just see,
Other than what's wrong with me.

Life's hard, it's not easy,
I'll never live up to how I'm suppose to be,
& I don't have anyone to tell except me,
I guess I'll just write about it,
What else could I say?
When everyone just thinks that I'm okay.

by aqua4ever
posted on 11/03/2020

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