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Letters To Ghosts (L'amour, la mort)

Swiftly, the tide turns over
Discretion never was nature's style

Dearest lover,

Nothing seems remotely real
Churning through sweet remedies
Yet that far-off memory tugs
At my thoughts, like a small child anxiously awaiting dessert

They say there's a silver lining to every cloud
They say many things
Who are they?
To say what must apply to every individual life?

I've recognized this type of hurt before, as though it were an old friend passing me on the boulevard
Of shattered ambitions
And we shake hands, & exchange the conventional social banter
(Though we were never really friends, apart from those occasions on which I kindly lent him my money,
according to the fact that he had little control over his fists)

They keep re-filling my glass
To the brim with liquid faeces
Yet I've not the nerve to refuse
(Being that I am just so polite)

We seem to have come to a stale-mate
Where I can no longer tickle you into believing I'm right
But nor can you any longer consume the remainder of my vodka, to persuade me of your infinite wit & wonder
(Though secretly, I've always thought it silently, during those moments you assumed my mind was blank)

Although genetic scientists would slap my face to say so,
You always were my older brother
(but never my 'big' brother; you always did hate being so small in stature)

I still wonder if I could chase after those few wandering pieces
That you left in your wake
Perhaps if I could horde them

I might someday muster the courage to put them into a collage

Dans l'amour et la mort, je m'ennuie de ton visage.

by XxSuicidalPrincess13xX
posted on 12/02/2010

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Comment by XxSuicidalPrincess13xX: Feb 19, 2011 2:49 am
To the sunshine girl or whatever:
It's spoken word.
Comment by sweetxdreamsXOXO: Dec 16, 2010 5:01 pm
damn. i wish these comments had spell check. i meant 'i very much liked this piece' and i meant 'i wish i could speak french'
excuse my poor stroke of hand.
and to better explain my reasoning behind why i liked the french included in this poem, i meant to say that is because this poem seemed almost romantic, ****y..even though it was somewhat dark and sad at the same time. i hope that makes more sense.
Comment by sweetxdreamsXOXO: Dec 16, 2010 4:57 pm
@mute: there is no need to insult sunshinegirl because she is offering up criticism. would you insult a publisher if they said they didnt like your work? youre right about her being wrong with its length, but thats no reason to childishly make fun of her user name and bash her intelligence.
anyway, i very much likes this piece. i found that in a few places it was hard to read because you capitilized the beginning of each line rather than just capitilizing the beginning of each sentence. i wish i could speak fresh Sticking tongue out french is a romance language, if im not mistaken, and with that in mind, the language used in this poem was perfectly finished off with that last line [though i dont know what it says.] it just seems to me that the words were almost...pretty. im not making much sense, im guessing haha. i did like this very much though. it wasnt structured like the average poem, but, hey, thats never a bad thing. keep up the great work
Comment by Mute: Dec 6, 2010 11:16 pm
@shoeshinegirl: This is not long by any definition. There are many, many thousands of great and not-so-great poems out there, by famous poets, which are much, much longer than this. Ever heard of Beowulf? Or The Rime of the Ancient Mariner? Or, God forbid, anything by Shakespeare? William Blake? Tennyson? No?
Didn't think so.
Comment by skbarbie9: Dec 2, 2010 7:06 am
oh mon Dieu cette poem est tres belle..and jaime le francais.....
Comment by sunshinegirl: Dec 2, 2010 6:57 am
This seems more like a journal entry than a poem. It's really long, and the lines are complete thoughts. Though I'm not saying lines in actual poetry isn't.

It's just to long to be considered a poem. And it's jagged, nor does it flow right. Although I do like the idea you've thrown out there. Great job?
I think so...maybe.

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