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The other face

I never thought I'd be saying that today
Honestly 're you no longer mean anything to me
Without a doubt
You are not the person who I need
Never, not in my days
We can't be together
It's not like how I wanted it to end
But did you ever let it begin?
Anyway I have made an end
I don't need your lying face
And I don't need your words to make me feel better
I don't want your attention
I know myself well
I'm not lost like you think me
And even if I was
You are not the one who'll save me
Not tonight, not in any other night
I asked you straight forward
What do you want from me?
And the answer was so strange
Shadowed by so many things you said
I know this world well
And you are not different, exactly like them
The sad thing that I'm the same
Well it's only a game
I choose to end it here and today
You won't get a glimpse of me
And you'd be wondering why?
You'll try to call and maybe stalk me
And maybe you'll have the guts to ask me why
Then the answer will break you heart if you have one
Just like how you broke mine
Well not anymore at least
I'm stronger today
I have made an end
You should just forget my name
I don't belong to this place
Not with you, not with anyone like you
You should have known I'm a different kind of girl
And when I love I give all of my heart
But when you betray me, the other face of me arrives

by NOangelsLEFT
posted on 01/26/2010

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Comment by AngelLee: Jan 28, 2010 12:59 pm
powerful. great write

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