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The Sound of Nonsense

Deliver me to nonsense
Or call upon heaven's curse
Tell them not to count my absence
or persevere for my imburse
I'm neither guided nor lost
I just merely co-exist
Without a need to acquire
Or any desire to resist
Born within a dark fire
Just like a straying ember
That yearns deeply to rest
I have no urge to remeber
Nor to be put to the test
Forgive my ignorance
I am but humble nonsense
Phasing through a trance

by madz13379
posted on 10/05/2021

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Tags: sad
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Comment by ITSaCRISIS: Nov 1, 2021 3:34 pm
This screams the "leave me the **** alone" energy that we wish we could give off.

Enjoyable poem though!

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