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Into the sea

I spent my years on a sandy beech.

Some days the sun, wrapped me in a blanket of summer rays,
While we laughed, and built towering walls of the tiny grains.
To guard our dreams that night.

And some days, the winds spiked with salt shrapnel,
Bit at my arms and froze my shameful tears,
While I squeezed my heart closer; else it be snatched away.

But even my clumsy stumbles and deepest falls
Merely crashed to the tender dunes.
Until the day I packed my books in a box, my dreams in a pen;

To venture out to sea.

I splashed into the surf,
To swim in a wave of exhilarating freedom.
Until it rolled back into the sea, a heartless undertow.

Ripping the sand right from the soles of my feet.
Leaving me grasping, for the laugh of old friends, the love I thought would never end.
Only to feel the whispered farewell as they glide through my fingers.

Until nothing remains,
Save a torn box of books, a pen of dreams,
And my feet burning on black road tar, that weaves about hallowed halls,

Who only murmur, a shared ambition of greatness.
(still trying to come of with a fitting title)

by Styrmwolf
posted on 09/13/2007

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Comment by tearsofrain: Sep 13, 2007 5:23 pm
ya know, i had a dream about you the other night. i was like whoa. i miss whitney =}
so. you're not alone in the missingness and such.
and wowow i love your poem.
the firsst few stanzas were my favorite. it reminded me of memories of summers at the beach, you know, the whole "cherished childhood memories" sort of thing. th eline "While I squeezed my heart closer; else it be snatched away" really got to me. it really sort of touched a part of me that is really raw as of tonight. so. yay you for reaching that. has no idea what she is saying* but this poem is amazing. hope things fare well for you, and when i'm great too, we can share success stories *and stories of insane hardships
Comment by Samwiser: Sep 13, 2007 4:42 pm
Wow. This is just...brilliant. I love everything about this poem. Well done.

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