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Unknown Dream Catcher

Unknown Dream Catcher-By Kiria Simpson

Watching her through frosted glass windows
Her shadowed peaceful, shut sleeping eyes
Gently dreaming of her future and current life
Occasionally twisting and turning as she sighs

Her problems cascading back in a dark doom
Chains hanging around her anorexic form
Hatred slithering from her every dark pore
Eyes wide to the world, heart concealing a storm

A beautiful hazed light being beaten down
Small whimpers escaping angels rosy lips
As she kills every hope, every dream owned
Beating down heavenly creatures with harsh whips

This small girl has become a slave to the demons
Smiles of destruction setting in on her mind
As clawing fingers grasp the world in a false faith
Not letting them seek out the future or unwind

Kicking down the wall of protection held high
Laughing cruelness into the once green land
Decaying rotting gratitude mixed with flesh
Crushing everything she ever knew in her hand

She seems so carefree, but so helpless to
Like she binds herself to withering death
Deceitful supernatural creatures playing her mind
Sucking her from dreams, stealing every breath

So as I watch her through the frosted windows
She twists and turns in this fearful nightmare
Bedding slipping of her small delicate frame
As from her clenched eyes slips a knowing tear

This girl is suffering every night and she doesnít understand
So I make it my mission, I find it in myself to make it right
I must give my soul in sacrifice to save this girlís future
Iím an angel, flying high, in a noose that is ever so tight

And as blood pours from my mouth
My eyes open to free-flowing tears
This little girl will never have bad dreams
As my dead body has taken all her fears

by CutMeOpenWide
posted on 03/18/2011

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Comment by MrQuixotic: Sep 4, 2012 7:35 pm
I like it. It really paint's a picture.
Comment by demonmagic: Nov 15, 2011 4:59 pm
Truely excellent. You outdo yourself everytime
Xx never stop writing.

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