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Here are poems tagged with haiku.

Street Rat Haiku by champ
A drunk Haiku
Haiku by SLIPshodSLIP
i do things way to early in the morning
Sanjani sudem bara by Ronjoy2
Bodo Poem
Farewell by demonmagic
Quite possibly the only decent haiku I have ever written. A friend told me it made him think of war and death.
Doubt by AngelicDarkness
I think all writers probably feel this way at some point.
Hawaii by AngelicDarkness
I chose the name Hawaii because it is supposedly one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Mundanity by AngelicDarkness
This one is a bit different than my usual work.
Seeds of Love by AngelicDarkness
One of my more romantic-leaning haikus.
Kimono by AngelicDarkness
I'm fond of this one.
The Old Path by AngelicDarkness
I've been writing a lot of haikus lately.