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Here are poems tagged with sad.

The Sound of Nonsense by madz13379
Further Musings of a Bitter Man by deadiam
Such lonely memories
It’s so beautiful outside by aqua4ever
Life is hard, it’s not easy.
Time Heals Some Wounds by aqua4ever
It’s been over 5 years, people say time heals all wounds, but mine is still burning misery inside me everyday.
Mr. Chop Chop Lazarus by madz13379
What goes on inside the mind of a killer
Untitled by taybabe1300
I loved you and myself less
Ethareal Melody by ITSaCRISIS
A short story with a poem/song. If anything it's pretty much a written music video.
Amber Flames by Atysix
Been away for a while. But I guess poetry is a part of me in my darkest times.
Form by romantichomicide
At what point will something give?