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Have you ever thought of what it's like to be in solitary confinement? I have. Even lived it, once. It was dark, the walls smooth in the 10x10 box with padded walls and floors. It was okay, for the first day, the quiet and my thoughts for company. Until I heard a whisper. A small boy, in my space. He asked "why have you ignored me?" Suddenly, I felt him staring, then the pressure of his arms on me- but they felt... Wrong. They felt cold, wet and scaly. Then he spoke again. "Do you want to play?"...

By DarkEcho

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Comment by MrGrunty: 2013-09-25
10 days was a reprieve
20 days was a nightmare
But when I did 30 days,
I found nothingness at the beginning and end of everything

Which quickly abates (unless challenged)upon returning to the noise and confusion of the material plane
Comment by ravenofsorrow: 2013-11-04
is this site messing up? it wont let me publish any new poems Sad face
Comment by blenderbros1: 2014-02-09
i like this..it makes sense
Comment by MissingThatDay: 2014-06-09
Sounds seductive
Comment by UmbraFoxx: 2015-10-03
this...I thought I knew where this was going but now I'm just a little unnerved.
Comment by DarkEcho: 2015-12-08

That was the intention.
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