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Searching for the Site's Monkey

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As I make my way back to this abandoned site I'm wondering what happened to all my old friends on here. There is a very elusive Monkeyboy who became LucidChimp. This impulsive man keeps on deleting his profile though. So if he ever finds himself coming back to this site and happens to see this, just letting you know I'm searching for you and want to hear from you. I still consider you to this day to be the most interesting person I ever met on the internet and I miss your snarky sarcastic humor you silly bastard.
If anyone knows where I can find the monkey then feel free to let me know so that I can bug him. I see he was here around 2014 and I'm sure he is like me and probably won't be able to keep from coming back here to visit. We'll have to set some kind of trap for him haha.

Anyone else who remembers me feel free to message me too, except you Grunty I still hate you!!!! (haha kidding man, it would be awesome to hear from you too)

By darksideofme

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Comment by inkblot: 2016-04-02
Smart arsed little fucker.

(I've only had 462 different profiles over the past eight years or so... I'm sure I don't know what you're complaining about)

How's your balls hangin'?
That left one still bumping on your right knee when you run or jump? (Really bro, you should see a doctor about that shit.)

I'll send you my e-mail princess, that way we won't lose touch if this place crumbles into the electronic dust of the internet.

I'm feelin' dem nostalgia luvz, oh yeah.
Comment by Aspire2: 2017-03-22
Comment by google: 2018-04-25
yeah, where are these guys?!
Comment by Selene: 2020-06-15
Ah man. Memories. If anyone has monkeys contact please drop it me in a message...not sure the email I have for him is still in use x
Comment by solonely: 2021-06-24
I don't remember anyone from here except mechanical animal and he's long been gone lol
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