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Earlier in my time here on Poem of Quotes I gave 2 challenges to the Poem of quotes community. They came out pretty good and everyone involved enjoyed it. Many poets responded and wrote these.




I was told I should do it again..... So here we go again.


I will write the first 4 lines
Then I encourage everyone to leave a comment
continuing the poem
everyone adding 1 to 2 lines
continuing off of the comment
before them

(Now last time people got confused on the order of the comments so... Add a number to the beginning of the post telling people what place in the order your in. If you notice that you have the same number as another person look at the times of the two posts.... If you see that your post was after the other person... Repost in the correct order.)

This system is flawed.... and I know it sounds complicated
but believe me it will make everything a lot easier.

Anyone who does this tell everyone else about it
Then I will retype the poem when its all done
You can make the poem go anywhere you want it to
as long as you continue off
of the comment before you
If the comment exedes two lines
Please ignore it
I will not incorporate it

Thank you all and I hope the POQ community can help me make this work again.

Here are the first 4 lines:.

As time slowly passes by
Every minuet is left further behind
Every moment, a tortured reminder
Of the thoughts racing through my mind

Well I think I've let this thing go on long enough

Ummmmm well... I have a feeling this will definitely be one of the more interesting ones for me to put together
"Then I encourage everyone to leave a comment
continuing the poem
everyone adding 1 to 2 lines
continuing off of the comment
before them"
These were the directions.... a lot of you just seemed to put down whatever came to mind.

I do want to extend a thank you to the people who put down lines to make some of the more out there lines make sense to the poem. Your lines may very well be the string that holds this deformed rag doll together.

Anyway... the poem will be up on my profile within the next couple of days. I'll leave a link to it and send a link to everyone involved.

Thanks for making this work for a third time. Any participation is better then no participation.

By darksideofme

Comments: 28

Comment by friendZdogZ: 2010-11-23
as my heart paces,
and my palms sweat

[not part of it, just wanna say Mike you rock!!! lolz, i love these things...they're fun Open smile]
Comment by sunshinegirl: 2010-11-23

The puddle of blood on the floor,
The lifeless corpse, of was once my love.

(Fantastic idea!!!)
Comment by KAS: 2010-11-23
Just a reminder of how everything I love seems to disappear,
Because I love within death and the line between good and evil isn't always clear.

(Haha idk if mine makes any sense to the rest)
Comment by funkyninja898: 2010-11-23
My pointless melodies I play,
reflect the sickness of my now lonesome subconcsience.

(It's okay KAS, mine doesnt really fit that well either..lol)
Comment by Darkon: 2010-11-25
Darkness clawing my vandalized soul,
Pain cuddle skin as the blade sink below

(good work everyone !!)
Comment by Mute: 2010-11-27
I weep as I turn to make, and eat-
a sandwich, of bloodstained peanut butter
Comment by Mute: 2010-11-27
I weep as I turn to make, and eat-
a sandwich, of bloodstained peanut butter

(sorry, forgot to add the number)
Comment by huzi8t9: 2010-11-27
And slowly the pain disappears
And all the emotion is brought clear

(great idea, love it Smiley)
Comment by Fryd79: 2010-11-29
With the melody of life playing through my head,
Even though everything seems dead
Comment by GuardianWolf: 2010-11-30
When will I wake up from the darkness of hell
or will I forever be lost in the watery well

{{don't know it if goes with the rest but what the hell}}
Comment by Atysix: 2010-12-01
while white wheat mocks me, my head all a'flutter
I figure that now, I suppose, thats just fucking swell.

Comment by whitenoise666: 2010-12-08
as death leans down to kiss you angels will never miss you
Comment by eshia: 2010-12-09
11)your love is the only thing i dream. Time and time again I tel myself that your be better without me.
Comment by VengeArkitekt: 2010-12-10
12)But futile tears fog my vision now, am i blind? am i mentally weak?
Serenades sung by angels in flight, my end is close
Comment by sylliebee: 2010-12-11
Methinks this love song will need a tweak
As my verse has grown tortured and verbose.
Comment by Redd5: 2010-12-13
The ending is here,can you feel it? I know it's close..
Comment by Redd5: 2010-12-13
14) Smiley sorry
Comment by Listain: 2010-12-13
15)A life of misery, lost company I kept close.
A Bleeding wound without blood.
Comment by Listain: 2010-12-13
This is an amazing Idea I can't wait to see the final product.
Comment by loverlennox: 2010-12-14
16) as my heart reclines
and is lost in darkness
Comment by Heartless1903: 2010-12-14
As all light fades away,
I cry alone
Comment by Joicy: 2010-12-18
18)Lovers lie,People die.
Hearts apart, bad life.
Comment by friendZdogZ: 2010-12-18
i'd just like to say, BRAVO! Open smile That was really good guys!!
Wished more people participated though, but good job Open smile
Comment by whitenoise666: 2010-12-20
kill the red king
to sacraface a qeen
burn the cards and make them screem
Comment by CutMeOpenWide: 2010-12-24
20) for life is not what is seems,
Just an endless mirror reflecting us all..
Comment by arcaneclark: 2010-12-25
21)and showing us are misery,
and everything so dear inside
Comment by UmbraFoxx: 2011-05-31
22)Has turned bitter in my mind,
All my hope and love has died

Comment by Willowhisper: 2011-06-02
23. every single thoughts that rides through my mind
is another pain that screams insiPr
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